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Theme Rewind: 2010 His Masterpiece

As I look back over my time working at Camp Deer Run, the Summer of 2010 stands out as one of great provision from the Lord and growth from the Spirit. By the grace of God, I was honored to lead the Nashamie nation into another summer of greatness; a group of equal parts hype and devotion to learning and understanding God’s plan for them.

His Masterpiece

The theme that year came from Ephesians 2:10. “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

In some ways, every Summer at Deer Run starts off as a clean, blank canvas.

When I look back on the canvas of that Summer, I see God’s handiwork in all His color and splendor.

I see long brush strokes of outcamping sweat & dirt; new life-long friendships.

Outcamping 2010

I see the subtle strokes of quiet time, deepening our understanding of the Word.

I see loud, pronounced tones of Hawaiian day at night-canteen and Killi Capers madness.

Sometimes the canvas actually sings out to Father God.

May its steps be worship. May its thoughts be praise.

Some of the paint has dried and cracked, not unlike the face of Chiefy after a hard-fought battle.  Yet it still steers us towards the resilient and foundational truths of the Gospel.

I see blended, calm hues, glistening in the hot Texas sun – tears of joy & sadness at the end of a session as we leave through the gates of camp.

When we find a true masterpiece, we don’t just visit it once. It captivates us, and we find ourselves going back time and time again to admire it and peer deeply into its layers of truth. This is how I and many of the staff and campers look back on the summer of 2010.

Moreover, as God’s masterpiece, we know that he is constantly coming back to visit us. We do not simply hang on the wall of a heavenly gallery, but we are known and loved intimately by our creator. The same creator that created the stars shining down on night devo and the pine forests surrounding Killi Creek.

All of his creation has a distinct purpose, and so do you, friends. My prayer is that we find comfort in this, viewing ourselves and the body of Christ as a living, breathing masterpiece.

Travis Perkins