Two Week Session Theme Days

Monday: Cowboy Day

Yee Haw!!! This is an exciting day because it is the first full day of the session! Campers will attend their first Group Bible, they will go to Crafts for the first time, they’ll begin making friendships and having all kinds of adventures. During Group Activity campers will enjoy an exciting activity or various Cowboy games, like the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, going on a Critter Hunt, or by having a good old-fashioned Horseshoe Tournament. What you could bring: Anything western goes with this day. A pearl snap shirt, a Cowboy hat, Cowboy Boots or well you get the idea…



Tuesday: Hawaiian Day

Surfs Up! Everybody loves Hawaiian Day! Sand castles, water games and of course agiant slip n slide are all a part of the fun. Girl campers may also attempt crafting their own grass skirt during Cabin Activity. After a great day the campers go on their first cookout of the session. This a great time for the campers to really begin to know each other. There is a lot of time to chat while sitting around the campfire cooking hot dogs. Upon returning from the cookout the campers attend night Canteen, a.k.a. The Hawaiian Day Luau! During the Luau campers enjoy hanging out, eating fruit and competing in the Limbo. What you could bring: Flowery shirts or shorts make for a good Hawaiian Day costume. If you can find a grass skirt, that is always funny. This is a day of lots of water activities so you will need some to have some clothes you don’t mind getting wet.



Wednesday: International Sports Day

On this day campers enjoy playing soccer or ultimate frizbee during Group Activity. Often the games are played with slight twist to make it a little more interesting. What you could bring: Basically any type of sports jersey outside of Football would be a great costume for this day, Soccer jerseys seem to be what most everyone chooses.



Thursday – Saturday a.m.: Outcamping

Outcamping is an incredible bonding experience that is a staple of our Two Week Session program.  Leaving the already rustic campgrounds behind and hiking into the woods campers are sure to have memorable times full of fun and growth. Depending on the age group campers stay Outcamping for one or two nights. Cooking over a campfire, exploring your new surroundings and a continual building of relationships with both friends and our Heavenly Father make Outcamping an unforgettable few days. Our campers return from Outcamping closer to one another and with a stronger desire to know God. What you could bring: Camouflage is always fun. Long pants are a good choice to protect your legs. A sleeping bag and bug spray may be a good choice as well.



Saturday: Killi Kapers

By late Saturday morning all the groups of campers have returned from Outcamping. This means its now time to shower up and rest a little while before getting back into the swing of things. As the day begins to progress everyone begins to prepare for Killi Kapers! Each cabin develops a short skit or act to perform in front of the whole camp that evening. This too can be a bonding experience that really brings a cabin together.  What you could bring: Any type of costume you could think of would probably be something funny for a skit.




Middle Sunday

Parents and visitors are welcome to join us for our Middle Sunday Worship service and Bible classes. After Worship service concludes we have a fun day ahead and visitors are welcome to stay! For $5 you can get a great meal here at Camp, then enjoy watching the Camper/Staff Football & Volleyball games.



Monday: Killi Olympic Day

Bum bum ba dum dum dum dum… I can hear Killi Olympic Day beginning as the Group Leaders sing the campers the tradional Olympic song at Flag Devo. This is an exciting day because it is the first full day of the session! Campers will attend their first Group Bible, they will go to Crafts for the first time, they’ll begin making friendships and having all kinds of adventures. During Group Activity the campers will compete in all kinds of fun and crazy Olympic events. What you could bring: No costumes are necessary for this day, you just need to be ready to run, play and make lots of new friends.



Monday: Mellow Night

Mellow Night is a time for campers and their friends to showcase their talents before the Camp. Everyone dresses up in “mellow” costumes such as Tie-die shirts and bell bottom pants. Mellow Night is another event that brings the campers together as they are creative in coming up with an act and courageous in their performances. What you could bring: Tie-die stuff, bell bottoms, leisure suits, etc.



Tuesday: Sadie Hawkin’s Day

It’s Sadie Hawkin’s Day!!! The chase is tons of fun and is followed by more fun playing in Killi Creek. Later that day as the sun begins setting behind all the pine trees each group goes to one of our cookout sites and enjoys a wonderful time together. What you could bring: Something red or with hearts it would be approriate for this day. We definitely recommend that you bring a pair of clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty while playing in the creek, cause you do not want to miss out on that fun!



Wednesday: Capture The Flag Day

Put on your camo!!! Ask many of our campers what their favorite day at CDR is and many will say without hesitation, Capture The Flag Day! Beginning on registration Sunday and continuing till the day arrives many of our young boy campers will ask several time, when is Capture The Flag Day? There is just something about sneaking through the woods, trying to go undetected as you make a run for the other teams flag, the kids just love it. During Group Activity the campers square off in an epic game of Capture the Flag. When the game finally ends you can just sit at Canteen with the kids and listen to the amazing adventures unfold as the campers relive their favorite moments of the game. What you could bring: Camouflage, camouflage, camouflage! A long pair of pants is also not a bad idea. You may want some protection for you legs as you walk through the woods.



Thursday: Indian Day

Arm-wrestling, leg-wrestling, the rock chunk – everybody loves Indian Day! Sadly it is the last full day of the session. Even so, there is still a lot of fun left. During Group Activity the campers compete in events (mentioned above) and activities up until the climactic moment…when their “crazy” group leader arrives. One of the most fun and exciting moments for all the campers is chasing down their group leader. The campers get to chase their Group Leader into the woods, discover where he is hiding and dunk him into the cool waters of Killi Creek. What you could bring: This might be a good time for another pair of clothes you don’t mind getting wet.