Homesick at camp?

Are you concerned about your child being homesick at camp? This page is designed for you to learn about how we help campers deal with homesickness and what you can do to help as well.

BEFORE CAMP STARTS – Preparing for a great session!

Be Positive and Upbeat – If you think your child may have trouble being homesick at camp then in the weeks leading up to their session be upbeat and positive! Instead of telling them, “I am going to miss you so much,” say things like, “You are going to have such a great time!” Pump them up about coming to camp and don’t bring up the fact that they’ll be gone from home for a week or two. If you had a “camp experience” tell them fun stories about it and help them get excited. Look at pictures on our website with your child and show them all those smiling faces!

Keep Your Child at Home – Your child will be spending a week or two here at CDR. We would encourage you to not allow them to spend the night away from home in the week preceding their session. You are sending your child to camp so they’ll have fun, make friends and grow closer to God. You don’t want them to not have that experience becasue they’re missing you or home. If you allow your child to spend the night with friends before camp they may be worn out to begin with or they may already be missing home when they get here. We want your child to have a great experience just like you, so help prepare them by keeping them at home in the week preceding their session.

Don’t Make it an Issue – Sometimes parents can accidentally create an issue for their child. The things talked about above are in many ways the parents initiative to either help create an issue or not. Remember why your sending your child to camp. Remember why you are spending the money for them to have this experience. Think about your actions and the feelings it may cause your child to have. Your child loves you and they will also love CDR. You will feel wonderful when you look at pictures on the website throughout the week and see your child having a great experience. You will enjoy hearing their stories when they come home. All these things can be lost if they are not here. So help us by doing your part in not creating an issue for your child. Just be positive and upbeat!

DURING CAMP – Having a great session!

Be Positive and Upbeat – During camp you can do a few things to help fill your void of not having your child at home. You can send them letters, you can email your child a note, and you can watch all the fun activities daily on our photo album. When you send letters or emails be positive and upbeat! “I know you are having a great time!” More of that and less of, “I miss you so much I can hardly go on.” We have had campers get homesick because they are worried about their parents. I know it sounds strange but your children just need positive reinforcement and encouragement. So again in all your correspondence be positive and upbeat!

Mail to: Camp Deer Run, Attn: “camper name”, 1227 CR 4590, Winnsboro TX, 75494

Email your camper a note at: