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Free E-Book from Steve Meeks

Prayer has been and is an incredibly important part of Camp Deer Run.  In fact, prayer and God’s power through prayer helped to save Camp Deer Run.  Do you know that story?  If not then you definitely want to keep reading!

As we begin the Simply Changing Lives campaign we will begin with 40 days of prayer for Camp Deer Run.  To contribute towards this effort and in order to bless many lives Steve Meeks has taken the time to write a book about the way God answered the prayers during his 4 pivotal years as Camp Director.  You can download this incredible testimony of God’s power in prayer by clicking on the link below.  This book is absolutely free!  These stories will bless your life and increase your faith!

Click Here to Download Steve Meeks Free E-Book “Through Prayer – 4 years of answered prayers for Camp Deer Run.” 

Special thanks to Steve and Donna Meeks for their years as Camp Director and for sharing this mighty testimony with us all.

To learn more about the Simply Changing Lives campaign visit

Click on the link To learn more and participate in 40 days of prayer for Camp Deer Run.