2016 Summer In Review

Looking back on the 2016 summer…

God blessed us so much during our summer program. We were completely full with 1,365 campers! Included in that number is a record high of 363 Pee Wee campers!



The theme for the summer was Let There Be Light. Campers and Staff focused on God’s light and how they can take part in shining His light in this dark world. This gave staff many opportunities to discuss the difference between the light and the dark. This also provided opportunities to discuss how we can work to increase the light in this world.



The Summer Staff did an awesome job and showed so much love and light to the campers. Their work was endless, sweaty, and hot, but they continued to reach out, to love, and encourage the campers each session. Thank you, Summer Staff, for your willingness to serve, to encourage, and to teach our campers!



Throughout the summer, God was seen in His creation. God’s creation is the setting and backdrop for everything at camp, so whether campers were playing games, having quiet time, or hanging out together, they were surrounded by what God has made.


The detail of God’s creation is amazing! One benefit of camp is that campers are unplugged from the world and have the time to slow down and notice what God has made. Check out the detail of this crawdad!


Every day at Deer Run is filled with fun and memorable moments. A great amount of pre-summer rain helped to make the creek extra awesome this year.



We were blessed to see so many lives being impacted this summer. We praise God for all the moments our campers sang to Him, prayed to Him, and learned about Him.


We rejoice that 34 campers were baptized this summer! We praise God for the way that He continues to utilize Camp Deer Run as a place where people can encounter Him and feel His presence.



There are so many people who helped to make the 2016 summer possible. Thanks to our camp nurses who gave their time, energy and expertise to help care for the health and well being of our campers. Thanks to the CDR Kitchen Staff for feeding us throughout the summer.


Thank you Summer Staff for your willingness to serve, to encourage, and to teach our campers! Thanks to Drayton Hoffman for his endless hours of work and service before, during and after the summer. Thanks to Pat Young and Kristen Adams for their service in the office helping to register and account for 1365 campers!

A few other things that stand out about the 2016 summer…

During 2nd Session, we recorded a new Hymn Time CD. The new album will release in October.  You will be able to order the new CD on the CDR online store in October.

Cross Devo was very powerful. The staff did a great job helping campers to learn in a vivid and emotional way about the last hours of Jesus’ life and the sacrifice He made for them.


We were blessed to have former staff member and photographer Rachael Wise spend a week with us taking pictures. Thanks, Rachael, for sharing your amazing talent with us again this summer. Your photos help us tell the Deer Run story all year long!  This is one of the amazing photos you took this summer:


It was truly a wonderful summer!  God was very present and we thank Him for the ways He worked here all summer.  To Him be all the glory!