40 Days of Prayer for Camp Deer Run

Big things are happening at Camp Deer Run.  For the next 40 days, we ask all of you who know and love CDR to join us in prayer for a special upcoming project.  To find out more about this project, go to simplycdr.com.

To focus our 40 days of prayer, we have asked 40 former staff members from different generations to briefly share with us what camp has meant to them, a memory from camp, and a prayer for camp.  You will want to read each and every one.  Please pray for camp each day and join us in 40 Days of Prayer for Camp Deer Run.

You can read the daily Prayer for CDR at http://www.simplycdr.com/blog/.  We will also post these prayers on the CDR Facebook page each day.  Please “like” and “share” these posts if you come across them.  That will help spread the word about this prayer effort.

Thank you for your prayers!