About Us


Camp Deer Run is a Christian Youth Camp located in East Texas and supported by members of the churches of Christ. We are devoted to providing young people with a place where they can have fun learning about God and building Christian relationships. Established in 1958 CDR’s founders desired that the camp be a refuge from the world for young people. The intention was to provide a place where children could enjoy the outdoors in a safe and Christ-like environment. Though having grown many times its original size, CDR has remained true to its founder’s intent. Today Camp Deer Run provides refuge from the world for over 1200 campers each summer. Through a fun and Christ-centered camping experience led by college students our campers are growing in their love for God, learning about Him and having so much fun. We are fully committed to providing the Deer Run experience each summer to our campers. We know and have faith that God will continue to make an impact through CDR.


CDR exists to provide a camping experience where God is seen, His love felt and lives are transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. Isolation in God’s creation helps CDR provide an environment that is ideal for revealing God’s power. Our campers feel God’s love as they are ministered to by our college age staff members. God uses these young staff members in powerful ways as they counsel, teach, and encourage our campers. As our campers have fun, develop friendships, and find role models among our staff a deep desire to know God is born or remembered. Because our campers look up so highly to the staff there is a great opportunity for teaching. Camper’s faith can come alive because they relate to the person teaching them. Through traditions, through fun and through a hard working staff God makes a powerful impact. Our mission is simply to provide this experience so that lives may be changed and so that God may be glorified in our efforts.


Camp Deer Run is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization. What does that mean? In short, our goal is not turn a profit, but to provide a service to young people and to teach them about Jesus Christ. We have always desired to keep our camper fees low and to do so we are dependent upon donations. Camper fees cover only initial operating expenses. All additions and improvements to the camp are made possible by the generosity of those who support this ministry monetarily. CDR is supported by many congregations of the church of Christ. CDR also gains support from individuals and we are truly grateful for all the support. You too can help support this wonderful mission, visit our Support Us page to find out how. We know and have faith that God will continue to provide all that we need to continue in His service. He has often placed churches and individuals in our path in answer to prayers.